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Primary Artist/Band: Grant, Amy
Year Released: 2004
Average Rating: N/A
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This album features the following songs:

# Song Title Guitar Tab Bass Tab
1 The Next Time I Fall (Search) (Search)
2 Stay for Awhile (Search) (Search)
3 Lead Me On (Search) (Search)
4 Baby Baby (Search) (Search)
5 Every Heartbeat [7" Body and Soul Mix] (Search) (Search)
6 That's What Love Is For (Search) (Search)
7 Good For Me (Search) (Search)
8 I Will Remember You (Search) (Search)
9 Grown Up Christmas List (Search) (Search)
10 Lucky One (Search) (Search)
11 Say You'll Be Mine (Search) (Search)
12 House Of Love (Search) (Search)
13 Big Yellow Taxi (Search) (Search)
14 The Things We Do for Love (Search) (Search)
15 Takes a Little Time (Search) (Search)
16 Simple Things (Search) (Search)
17 Baby Baby [7" No Getting Over You Mix] (Search) (Search)
18 Baby Baby [7" Heart in Motion Mix] (Search) (Search)
19 That's What Love Is For [7" Single Mix] (Search) (Search)
20 Good for Me [7" Good for You Mix] (Search) (Search)
21 I Will Remember You [Rhythm Remix] (Search) (Search)
22 Lucky One [Remix] (Search) (Search)
23 Big Yellow Taxi [the Paradise Mix] (Search) (Search)
24 House of Love [Classic Philly Soul Mix] (Search) (Search)
25 House of Love [Alternate Version, *, Mix] (Search) (Search)
25 House of Love [Alternate Version, Mix] (Search) (Search)
25 House of Love [Mix, Alternate Version] (Search) (Search)


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