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Primary Artist/Band: Sanctus Real
Year Released: 2003
Average Rating: N/A
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Album cover:

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This album features the following songs:

# Song Title Guitar Tab Bass Tab
0 After Today (Search) (Search)
0 Audience of One (Search) (Search)
0 Captain's Chair (Search) (Search)
0 I Love You (Search) (Search)
0 Inspiration (Search) (Search)
0 Say It Loud (Search) (Search)
0 Sink Or Swim (Search) (Search)
0 The Way I Feel (Search) (Search)
0 Won't Walk Away (Search) (Search)
1 Sink Or Swim (Sanctus Real Album Version) (Search) (Search)
2 Captain's Chair (Sanctus Real Album Version) (Search) (Search)
3 Say It Loud (Sanctus Real Album Version) (Search) (Search)
4 Hey Wait (Search) (Search)
5 Inspiration (Sanctus Real Album Version) (Search) (Search)
6 Audience Of One (Sanctus Real Album Version) (Search) (Search)
7 Way I Feel, The (Sanctus Real Album Version) (Search) (Search)
8 I Love You (Sanctus Real Album Version) (Search) (Search)
9 All I Want (Sanctus Real Album Version) (Search) (Search)
10 Nothing To Lose (Sanctus Real Album Version) (Search) (Search)
11 Won't Walk Away (Sanctus Real Album Version) (Search) (Search)
12 After Today (Sanctus Real W/ Jesus Metal Hidden Track) (Search) (Search)
13 Jesus Metal (Slam The Devil) (Say It Loud Album Version (not As Hidden Trx)) (Search) (Search)


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