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Growing Up Is No Fun: The Standards '95-'05
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Primary Artist/Band: Huntingtons, The
Year Released: 2005
Average Rating: N/A
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This album features the following songs:

# Song Title Guitar Tab Bass Tab
1 Pencil Neck (Search) (Search)
2 Rock N Roll Girl (Search) (Search)
3 Alison's The Bomb (Search) (Search)
4 Aloha, It's You (Search) (Search)
5 Too Late (Search) (Search)
6 Mom's In Rehab (Search) (Search)
7 I'm Not Going Downtown (Search) (Search)
8 I Wanna Be a Ramone (Search) (Search)
9 The Only One (Search) (Search)
10 We Don't Care (Search) (Search)
11 I Just Want to Feel Alive (Search) (Search)
12 She's Alright (Search) (Search)
13 Horray for You (Search) (Search)
14 I Don't Wanna Sit Around With You (Search) (Search)
15 Dies Daugt (Search) (Search)
16 Enchantment Under The Sea (Search) (Search)
17 1985 (Search) (Search)
18 JW (Search) (Search)
19 Tell Me Goodnight (Search) (Search)
20 All She Knows (Search) (Search)
21 Welcome Back (Search) (Search)
22 Bubblegum Girl (Search) (Search)
23 Let's Fight (Search) (Search)
24 I Don't Like It (Search) (Search)
25 Maybe It's You (Search) (Search)
26 It's Always Christmas At My House (Search) (Search)
27 Not by You (Search) (Search)
28 Jeannie Hates The Ramones (Search) (Search)
29 No Pool Party Tonight (Search) (Search)
30 Blue Moon Diner (Search) (Search)


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