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Primary Artist/Band: Heard, Mark
Year Released: 1995
Average Rating: N/A
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This album features the following songs:

# Song Title Guitar Tab Bass Tab
1 I'm In Chains (Search) (Search)
1 'M in Chains (Search) (Search)
2 Nowadays (Search) (Search)
2 Owadays (Search) (Search)
3 Ne More Time (Search) (Search)
3 One More Time (Search) (Search)
4 Epistle (Search) (Search)
4 Pistle (Search) (Search)
5 Just The Same (Search) (Search)
5 Ust the Same (Search) (Search)
6 Ell-Worn Pages (Search) (Search)
6 Well Worn Pages (Search) (Search)
7 Intro (Search) (Search)
7 Ntro (Search) (Search)
8 Gimme Mine (Search) (Search)
8 Imme Mine (Search) (Search)
9 LL the Sleepless Dreamers (Search) (Search)
9 Sleepless Dreamers (Search) (Search)
10 Negative Charge (Search) (Search)
11 Brown Eyed Sue (Search) (Search)
11 Brown-Eyed Sue (Search) (Search)
12 Es Tut Mir Leid (Search) (Search)
13 Remarks To Mr. McLuhan (Search) (Search)
14 Threefold Amen (Search) (Search)


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