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The Art And Craft Of Popular Music, 1994-2002
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Primary Artist/Band: Joy Electric
Year Released: 2002
Average Rating: N/A
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This album features the following songs:

# Song Title Guitar Tab Bass Tab
1 The Matterhorn (Search) (Search)
1 The Matterhorn (Search) (Search)
2 Dance To Moroder (Search) (Search)
3 Such A Beautiful Thought (Search) (Search)
4 Ringing Bells (Search) (Search)
5 Mistletoe And Molasses (Search) (Search)
6 Apples Of Gold (Search) (Search)
7 We'll Last So Long (Search) (Search)
8 Farmhouse Fables (Search) (Search)
9 Weep In The Sunshine (Search) (Search)
10 Come In, Brother (Search) (Search)
11 Every Nook And Cranny (Search) (Search)
12 Blueberry Boats (And Pink Elephants) (Search) (Search)
13 We Are Rock [The Faint Remix] (Search) (Search)
14 We Are Rock [The Norway Remix] (Search) (Search)
15 We Are Rock [The Echoing Green Remix] (Search) (Search)
16 Drum Machine Joy (Search) (Search)
17 Candycane Carriage (Search) (Search)
18 Analogue Grand Diary (Search) (Search)
19 Sweet Sweet Charity (Search) (Search)
20 Keep Him In Your Thoughts (Search) (Search)
21 Five Stars For Failure (Search) (Search)
22 Burgundy Years (Search) (Search)
23 Hansel (Search) (Search)
24 I Beam, You Beam (Search) (Search)
25 The Cobbler (Search) (Search)
26 Sugar Rush (Search) (Search)
27 Monosynth (Search) (Search)
28 The Robot Beat (Search) (Search)
29 The North Sea (Search) (Search)
30 Disco For A Ride (Search) (Search)
31 Singing In Gee (Search) (Search)
32 Children Of The Lord (Search) (Search)
33 I Sing Electric (Search) (Search)
34 These Should Be The Good Times (Search) (Search)


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