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Fashion Expo - Round One: Tru Hip-Hop
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Primary Artist/Band: Sackcloth Fashion
Year Released: 2003
Average Rating: N/A
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This album features the following songs:

# Song Title Guitar Tab Bass Tab
1 Unique (Search) (Search)
2 Angels (Search) (Search)
3 For The Money (Search) (Search)
4 Dues For Cashews (Search) (Search)
5 No Gray Lines (Search) (Search)
6 Runnin' (Search) (Search)
7 Mathew (Search) (Search)
8 Under Man (Search) (Search)
9 Christian Emcee, What? (Search) (Search)
10 Traveling (Search) (Search)
11 Sub-Mission (Search) (Search)
12 Soft Spoken (Search) (Search)
13 Who Am I (Search) (Search)
14 Water World (Search) (Search)
15 YouDontKnowTheHalf.com (Search) (Search)
16 An-Eu-Rysm (Search) (Search)
17 Game Over (Search) (Search)
18 Rising Sons (feat. Man of War, E-Roc) (Search) (Search)
19 Quality Junk (Search) (Search)
20 MIC Abruption (Search) (Search)
21 Perceptions (Search) (Search)
22 Journey Through My Mind (Search) (Search)
23 The Wind (feat. Ajax) (Search) (Search)
24 How We Do (Search) (Search)
25 Lolly Pops (Search) (Search)
26 To The Extreme (Search) (Search)
27 Clay (Search) (Search)
28 Tight With Lasso (Search) (Search)
29 Reality Check (Search) (Search)
30 Understand (Search) (Search)
31 Jurny (Search) (Search)
32 The Road I Once Lived (Search) (Search)
33 The Day My Dog Died (Search) (Search)
34 The New Song (Search) (Search)
35 The Outlet (Search) (Search)
36 Connect (Search) (Search)


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