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Worshipper's Collection, Vol. 4
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Primary Artist/Band: Jernigan, Dennis
Year Released: 2000
Average Rating: N/A
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This album features the following songs:

# Song Title Guitar Tab Bass Tab
1 Daddy's Song (Search) (Search)
2 I Don't Want to Move (Search) (Search)
3 Like a River (Search) (Search)
4 I Am a Sheep (Search) (Search)
5 Sheep Song (Search) (Search)
6 Devastated by Your Love (Search) (Search)
7 There Is No Chain (Search) (Search)
8 If I Could Sit With You Awhile (Search) (Search)
9 Daddy's Song (Reprise) (Search) (Search)
10 Rock Me Hold Me (Search) (Search)
11 Fearfully and Wonderfully (Search) (Search)
12 I'm So Glad You Came (Search) (Search)
13 There Is No More Precious Than You (Search) (Search)
14 I Will Hold You, Little One (Search) (Search)
15 Child of My Heart (Search) (Search)
16 Precious Child of My Love (Search) (Search)
17 You Are Glory (Search) (Search)
18 Little One (Search) (Search)
19 Heavenly (Search) (Search)
20 Judah's Song (Search) (Search)
21 You Are a Gift to Me (Search) (Search)
22 Like the Rain (Search) (Search)
23 Watching over You (Search) (Search)
24 No Life Too Small (Search) (Search)


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