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Heart of a Champion
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Primary Artist/Band: Carman
Year Released: 2000
Average Rating: N/A
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This album features the following songs:

# Song Title Guitar Tab Bass Tab
1 Heart of a Champion (Search) (Search)
2 Jesus Period (Search) (Search)
3 Prayer (Search) (Search)
4 Great God (Search) (Search)
5 A Witch's Invitation (Search) (Search)
6 Who's In The House (Search) (Search)
7 The RIver (Search) (Search)
8 Holdin' On (Search) (Search)
9 My Story (Search) (Search)
10 Jericho: The Shout of Victory (Search) (Search)
11 I Feel Jesus (Search) (Search)
12 Now's The Time (Search) (Search)
13 Legendary Mission (Search) (Search)
14 Mission 3:16 (Search) (Search)
15 America Again (Search) (Search)
16 Faith Enough (Search) (Search)
17 Just Like He Said (Search) (Search)
18 I Promise (Search) (Search)
19 I've Been Delivered (Search) (Search)
20 Satan, Bite the Dust! (Search) (Search)
21 R.I.O.T. (Righteous Invasion Of Truth) (Search) (Search)
22 Let the Fire Fall (Search) (Search)
23 Hunger for Holiness (Search) (Search)
24 The Prayer Anthem (Search) (Search)
25 Addicted to Jesus (Search) (Search)
26 There Is A God (Search) (Search)
27 Step Of Faith (Search) (Search)
28 Sunday School Rock (Search) (Search)
29 No Monsters (Search) (Search)
30 The Champion (Search) (Search)


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