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Behind the Musik (A Boy Named Jonah) [CD & DVD]
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Primary Artist/Band: KJ-52
Year Released: 2005
Average Rating: N/A
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This album features the following songs:

# Song Title Guitar Tab Bass Tab
1 Dad: "That's How You Got Your Name" (Intro) (Search) (Search)
2 Fivetweezy (Search) (Search)
3 Are You Real? (Search) (Search)
4 Rock With It (Search) (Search)
5 God (Search) (Search)
6 Behind the Musik (Search) (Search)
7 Mom: Sitting in the Puddle (Interlude) (Search) (Search)
8 Thank You (Search) (Search)
9 Jesus (Search) (Search)
10 Right Here (Search) (Search)
11 Video Games (Search) (Search)
12 Plain White Rapper (Search) (Search)
13 Dad: "Ybor City" (Interlude) (Search) (Search)
14 Things I Like (Search) (Search)
15 Life After Death (Search) (Search)
16 Never Look Away (Search) (Search)
17 For The Ladies (Search) (Search)
18 Mom: "I Wanted to Call You Sky" (Interlude) (Search) (Search)
19 I Can Call On You (Search) (Search)
20 Cry No More (Search) (Search)
21 One (Search) (Search)
22 He Is All (Search) (Search)
23 Dad: "It Was God Working in Your Life" (Search) (Search)
24 Napoleon Dynamite (Search) (Search)
25 Washed Up (Search) (Search)
26 Run for Cover (Search) (Search)
27 Plain White Rapper in a Mini Van (Search) (Search)
28 Piece of Junk Car (Search) (Search)


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