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Primary Artist/Band: Grant, Amy
Year Released: 2007
Average Rating: N/A
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This album features the following songs:

# Song Title Guitar Tab Bass Tab
1 Simple Things (Search) (Search)
2 Takes a Little Time (Search) (Search)
3 Lucky One (Search) (Search)
4 House Of Love (Search) (Search)
5 Baby Baby (Search) (Search)
6 Every Heartbeat (Search) (Search)
7 That's What Love Is For (Search) (Search)
8 Good For Me (Search) (Search)
9 I Will Remember You (Search) (Search)
10 Lead Me On (Search) (Search)
11 Saved By Love (Search) (Search)
12 Stay for Awhile (Search) (Search)
13 Find A Way (Search) (Search)
14 Thy Word (Search) (Search)
15 Angels (Search) (Search)
16 El-Shaddai (Search) (Search)
17 In a Little While (Search) (Search)
18 Father's Eyes (Search) (Search)
19 Old Man's Rubble (Search) (Search)
20 Lead Me On [DVD] (Search) (Search)
21 Baby Baby [DVD] (Search) (Search)
22 Every Heartbeat [DVD] (Search) (Search)
23 House of Love [DVD] (Search) (Search)
24 Takes a Little Time [DVD] (Search) (Search)
25 Takes a Little Time [Acoustic Version, *, Multimedia Track] (Search) (Search)
26 Bonus Material [DVD] (Search) (Search)


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