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Primary Artist/Band: Go Fish
Year Released: 2005
Average Rating: N/A
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This album features the following songs:

# Song Title Guitar Tab Bass Tab
1 Superstar (Search) (Search)
1 Superstar - Album Version (Search) (Search)
2 Lord I Lift Your Name On High - Album Version (Search) (Search)
2 Lord, I Lift Your Name On High (Search) (Search)
3 Jesus Love Me - Album Version (Search) (Search)
3 Jesus Loves Me (Search) (Search)
4 The Ten Commandment Boogie (Search) (Search)
4 The Ten Commandment Boogie - Album Version (Search) (Search)
5 Friends of Mine (Search) (Search)
5 Friends Of Mine - Album Version (Search) (Search)
6 Skinna Marinky Dinky Dink - Album Version (Search) (Search)
6 SkinnaMarinkyDinkyDink (Search) (Search)
7 Be That Way (Search) (Search)
7 Be That Way - Album Version (Search) (Search)
8 What A Great Day (Search) (Search)
8 What A Great Day - Album Version (Search) (Search)
9 That Acappella Sound (Search) (Search)
9 That Acappella Sound - Album Version (Search) (Search)
10 Sail Away (Search) (Search)
10 Sail Away - Album Version (Search) (Search)


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