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Primary Artist/Band: Nordeman, Nichole
Year Released: 2005
Average Rating: 5.0  (1 vote)
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This album features the following songs:

# Song Title Guitar Tab Bass Tab
1 Brave (Search) (Search)
1 Brave Brave Album Version (Search) (Search)
2 What If (Search) (Search)
2 What If Brave Album Version (Search) (Search)
3 Someday (Search) (Search)
3 Someday Brave Album Version (Search) (Search)
4 Real To Me (Search) (Search)
4 Real To Me Brave Album Version (Search) (Search)
5 Crimson (Search) (Search)
5 Crimson Brave Album Version (Search) (Search)
6 Hold On (Search) (Search)
6 Hold On Brave album version (Search) (Search)
7 Lay It Down (Search) (Search)
7 Lay It Down Brave Album Version (Search) (Search)
8 No More Chains (Search) (Search)
8 No More Chains Brave Album version (Search) (Search)
9 Gotta Serve Somebody (Search) (Search)
9 Gotta Serve Somebody Brave album version (Search) (Search)
10 Live (Search) (Search)
10 Live Brave album version (Search) (Search)
11 We Build (Search) (Search)
11 We Build Brave album version (Search) (Search)


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