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The Man in Black: 1959-1962
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Primary Artist/Band: Cash, Johnny
Year Released: 1991
Average Rating: N/A
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This album features the following songs:

# Song Title Guitar Tab Bass Tab
1 Snow In His Hair (Search) (Search)
2 I Saw A Man (Search) (Search)
3 Lead Me Gently Home (Search) (Search)
4 Are All The Children In (Search) (Search)
5 Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Search) (Search)
6 I Call Him (Search) (Search)
7 The Old Account (Search) (Search)
8 He'll Be A Friend (Search) (Search)
9 These Things Shall Pass (Search) (Search)
10 It Could Be You (Instead Of Him) (Search) (Search)
11 God Will (Search) (Search)
12 Great Speckled Bird (Search) (Search)
13 Were You There When They Crucified My Lord? (Search) (Search)
14 He'll Understand And Say Well Done (Search) (Search)
15 God Must Have My Fortune Laid Away (Search) (Search)
16 When I've Learned Enough to Die (Search) (Search)
17 I Got Shoes (Search) (Search)
18 Let The Lower Lights Be Burning (Search) (Search)
19 If We Never Meet Again (Search) (Search)
20 When I Take My Vacation In Heaven (Search) (Search)
21 When He Reached Down His Hand for Me (Search) (Search)
22 Taller Than Trees (Search) (Search)
23 I Won't Have to Cross Jordan Alone (Search) (Search)
24 My God Is Real (Search) (Search)
25 These Hands (Search) (Search)
26 Were You There When They Cruicified My Lord) (Search) (Search)
27 Peace In The Valley (Search) (Search)
28 Day in the Grand Canyon (Search) (Search)
29 I'll Remember You (Search) (Search)
30 I Got Stripes (Search) (Search)
31 You Dreamer You (Search) (Search)
32 Five Feet High And Rising (Search) (Search)
34 Lorena (Search) (Search)
35 Second Honeymoon (Search) (Search)
36 The Fable Of Willie Brown (Search) (Search)
37 Smiling Bill McCall (Search) (Search)
38 The Rebel - Johnny Yuma (Search) (Search)
39 The Man On The Hill (Search) (Search)
40 Hank And Joe And Me (Search) (Search)
41 The Caretaker (Search) (Search)
42 Clementine (Search) (Search)
43 I Want To Go Home (Search) (Search)
44 Old Apache Squaw (Search) (Search)
45 Don't Step On Mother's Roses (Search) (Search)
46 My Grandfather's Clock (Search) (Search)
47 I Couldn't Keep From Crying (Search) (Search)
48 My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You (Search) (Search)
49 I Will Miss You When You Go (Search) (Search)
50 I Feel Better All Over (Search) (Search)
51 Bandana (Search) (Search)
52 Wabash Blues (Search) (Search)
53 Viel Zu Spät (I Got Stripes) (Search) (Search)
54 Wo Ist Zu Hause, Mama (Five Feet High and Rising) (Search) (Search)
55 Heartbeat (Search) (Search)
56 Hello Again (Search) (Search)
57 Tall Man (Search) (Search)
59 Locomotive Man (Search) (Search)
63 The Big Battle (Search) (Search)
64 Blues for Two (Search) (Search)
65 Jeri and Nina's Melody (Search) (Search)
66 Why Do You Punish Me (For Loving You) (Search) (Search)
67 Just One More (Search) (Search)
68 Seasons of My Heart (Search) (Search)
69 Honky Tonk Girl (Search) (Search)
70 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (Search) (Search)
71 Time Changes Everything (Search) (Search)
72 I'd Just Be Fool Enough (To Fall) (Search) (Search)
73 Transfusion Blues (Search) (Search)
74 Lovin' Locomotive Man (Search) (Search)
75 Five Minutes to Live (Search) (Search)
76 Mr. Lonesome (Search) (Search)
77 Forty Shades Of Green (Search) (Search)
78 Folsom Prison Blues (Search) (Search)
80 Hey Porter (Search) (Search)
82 There's a Mother Always Waiting (Search) (Search)
83 Losing Kind (Search) (Search)
84 Tennessee Flat Top Box (Search) (Search)
86 Little at a Time (Search) (Search)
87 So Do I (Search) (Search)
88 Bonanza (Search) (Search)
89 Shamrock Doesn't Grow in California (Search) (Search)
90 I'm Free From The Chain Gang Now (Search) (Search)
92 Lost on the Desert (Search) (Search)
93 I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know (Search) (Search)
94 Accidentally on Purpose (Search) (Search)
95 You Remembered Me (Search) (Search)
96 In The Jailhouse Now (Search) (Search)
97 Let Me Down Easy (Search) (Search)
98 Cotton Fields (Search) (Search)
99 You Won't Have Far to Go (Search) (Search)
101 No One Will Ever Know (Search) (Search)
102 Danger Zone (Search) (Search)
103 I'll Be All Smiles Tonight (Search) (Search)
104 Send A Picture Of Mother (Search) (Search)
105 Hardin Wouldn't Run (Search) (Search)
106 Sing It Pretty, Sue (Search) (Search)
107 Blue Bandana (Search) (Search)
108 So Doggone Lonesome (Search) (Search)
109 Johnny Reb (Search) (Search)
110 Delia's Gone (Search) (Search)
112 I Walk The Line (Search) (Search)
119 Girl In Saskatoon (Search) (Search)
122 Empty Chair (Search) (Search)
127 Relief Is Just a Swallow Away (Search) (Search)
130 Riot in Cell Block #9 (Search) (Search)
131 It's a Sin to Tell a Lie (Search) (Search)
133 Rocket 69 (Search) (Search)
134 Blueberry Hill (Search) (Search)


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