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Primary Artist/Band: Soul-Junk
Year Released: 1996
Average Rating: N/A
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This album features the following songs:

# Song Title Guitar Tab Bass Tab
1 In Your Sanctuary (Search) (Search)
2 Spoiler! (Search) (Search)
3 Pegasus on the Slow Tip (Search) (Search)
4 Like the Sunrise (Search) (Search)
5 Sweet to My Soul (Search) (Search)
6 Doom Beat (Search) (Search)
7 The Kingdom's Fruit (Search) (Search)
8 Ape the Rich (Search) (Search)
9 In Their Sea Thru Raincoats (Search) (Search)
10 Eyes of the Spirit (Search) (Search)
11 Goose-Eggs (Search) (Search)
12 Oahu Strum (Search) (Search)
13 Cold-Coct the Corner (Search) (Search)
14 Episode (Search) (Search)
15 7 Horned Star (Search) (Search)
16 Cup & Dish (Search) (Search)
17 Seeing Ear (Search) (Search)
18 Another Dome Ride (Search) (Search)
19 Hi-Priest (Search) (Search)
20 Snatched from the Fire (Search) (Search)
21 Arm in Action (Search) (Search)
22 Throne Speeda Light (Search) (Search)
23 Nectar Sublet (Search) (Search)
24 Men of Memphis Cracked Your Skull (Search) (Search)
25 Sideways Drag (Search) (Search)
26 Move Like Kings (Search) (Search)
27 Soulology (Search) (Search)
28 Slo-Jam in the End Zone (Search) (Search)
29 Junk on Lax (Search) (Search)
30 Kingdom of Heaven (Search) (Search)
31 Zion! (Search) (Search)


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