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Lesson 6 - Chord Change Tricks
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C to F Chord Change

Like the C to G Chord Change technique, this is a 'shortcut' method for switching between your C and F chords while playing. Traditionally, you play your C and F chords like the following:

This is especially difficult to master when playing a song that has several quick changes between C and F chords. Here's why this is so difficult:

  • The index finger (1) has to jump from the C on the 2nd string to barre all 6 strings.
  • The middle finger (2) has to jump from the E on the 4th string to the A on the 3rd string.
  • The ring finger (3) stays in place on the 5th string.
  • The pinky (4) has to be added for the F on the 4th string.

Instead of playing the traditional way, sometimes I prefer to use the following illustration, where the F chord is rearranged and abbreviated:

Once again, this is a lot less movement. Here's what happens:

  • The index finger (1) only barres the first two strings.
  • The middle (2) and ring (3) fingers have to move over just one string.
  • The 5th and 6th strings are not played.

Optionally, you can use the above chord change and leave the 5th string open, resulting in an F/A chord:

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